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Draught inspection from launch ‘Coronel’ waiting at Pollock Dock B for loading the next day Loading hopper – a tight fit ‘Margarita’ discharging at Gotto Wharf with a fine view over Belfast 2nd January 2014 extreme high tide and wind causes water to lap onto Gotto Wharf, additional mooring ropes are required attending to vessel at anchorage to draw samples overseeing the safe offloading of transformer at Warrenpoint Now a rare sight in Belfast to have a vessel with a full set of working derricks ‘Al Farah 1’ visiting Belfast from Constantza and discharges bagged PVC with her own gear in September 1998 Loading conveyor in operation A busy day at Gotto Wharf for Yara as ‘Arklow Bridge’ awaits her turn to commence discharge A typical morning in Belfast with not a cloud in the sky, the ‘Arklow Resolve’ loads for Ipswich