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Cargo Surveying

At Frizelle Shipping we have always been attentive when it comes to cargo handling, taking an interest in the loading, stowage and discharge of cargoes under our care. Making sure that the quantity and condition of the cargo is as per the customers’ expectations. Occasionally customers would ask us for written reports and photographs regarding certain cargoes.

Cargo surveying became a more established part of our business when in June 2001 we had the privilege of being appointed as Lloyds Agents for the 6 counties of Northern Ireland and county Donegal in the Republic of Ireland.

The Lloyds Agency Network provides 24 hour, year round independent marine surveying and claims adjusting services to the global insurance industry and its customers. With almost 300 Lloyd's Agents and approximately the same number of Sub Agents covering every major port and commercial centre in the world, the Lloyd's Agency network forms the world's most extensive surveying and adjusting network.

With further experience and qualifications we were awarded membership of the British Association of Cargo Surveyors. The association promotes best practice, education and assistance to its members involved in cargo surveying across the UK.      

We can offer the following services

  • Cargo Surveying
  • Pre Load Inspection
  • Cargo Superintending
  • Warehouse Inspection
  • Stock Survey
  • Draft Survey – to obtain weight of cargo
  • Off/On Hire & Bunker